Thanks to advances in medical science, more and more people are surviving illnesses, which in the past would have proved fatal. This is of course great news, but what happens to the financial security of your family in the meantime?

Whatever your age or personal circumstances, a critical illness could have a catastrophic effect on your financial health.  If you were unable to work whilst you were recovering or perhaps were never able to work again, all your financial commitments such as your mortgage payments, children’s education fees would still continue.   You may already have some protection, perhaps in the form of life assurance, but this will only provide benefits if you were to die from a critical illness, not if you survive.

A Critical Illness Plan can be designed to help provide a lump sum cash benefit to help relieve your financial obligations following a critical illness, leaving you and your dependants free to concentrate on your recovery. The lump sum can be used to cover outstanding mortgage payments, credit card debts, or maybe even taking a long-term holiday to recuperate.  In fact, the cash will also give you the freedom to reduce your working hours or give up work altogether if you wish.

  • 1 in 3 people (males and females) will suffer from cancer at some time in their lives
  • 50% of men under the age of 55 at diagnosis and 50% of women aged under the age of 65 at diagnosis survive for a further 5 years or more.
  • 2/3rds of people survive the immediate impact of a stroke, but the vast majority of those who survive only last one year.
  • Each year 300,000 people in the UK suffer a heart attack.
  • 50% of men aged under 65 suffering their first heart attack, go on living for a least 5 years.
  • In the UK there are over 100,000 whose kidneys have failed.  Over 500 new cases of kidney failure are recorded each year.
  • Life expectancy has increased by over 60% for males and by over 63% for females this century.
critical Illness

A simple product that despite being pricier than other insurance products, really helps out a family in the most distressing of times. 

Paul Beale – CEO of GMS

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