Ethics and Code of Conduct

At GMS Global Management Services our duty and responsibility is to ensure that our conduct will not bring our profession into disrepute. We will fulfil the financial planning requirements of our clients to the best of our ability maintaining our clients confidence, whilst adhering to the spirit of applicable laws and regulations. GMS will provide a professional service at all times to our clients and their beneficiaries and with no undue delay. It is of utmost importance to adhere to our professional standards of conduct when advising our clients for their protection and attainment of financial security objectives. At GMS Global Management Services we avoid at all cost any action that is likely to prejudice the financial well-being of our clients. GMS present accurately and honestly all facts essential to our client decisions and at all times conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner. Our independence and integrity combined with our ability to analyse your financial circumstances allows us to develop a personal relationship with our clients, which is key when defining the best financial solution for their needs.

Our Approach

Our approach at GMS Global Management Services is based on a number of key factors; an unswerving dedication to the unbiased financial requirements of our clients, and the way in which we promote the diverse product portfolio we have under management, which is innovative, competitive and secure.

By conducting a detailed financial analysis of each prospective client prior to any product recommendation it ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the clients requirements. When you combine this with our ‘blueprint’ understanding of our product portfolio we are able to match the most appropriate financial solution for each individual case thus ensuring complete transparency in our commerce so as to demonstrate we are not miss-selling to any potential client.

Moral Obligation/Compliance

It is the obligation of any professionally trained financial advisor to always act in the best interest of their client. Unfortunately in an unregulated environment such as Indonesia there is cope for  unethical and untrained ‘advisors’ to operate, who tailor their advice not to meet the best interest of their clients but instead to maximise their own earnings.

At GMS, all new client proposals are verified internally to make sure that the clients’ interests are always being served.

We are always happy when new clients check our advice with the investment provider as part of their due diligence.