financial planner in indonesia for expats

Already working with a Financial Planner?

GMS Global Management Services have been working with expats in Indonesia for 21 years and understand the perks and the drawbacks to these unique circumstances better than anyone else. Unlike many other financial planning firms we really work as a team and there is no internal competition that could result in unethical activities. GMS often work with clients that have more than one planner/advisor. Second opinions should always be welcomed. We invite anyone currently working with a financial advisor whether it is here in Indonesia or overseas in home countries to take a consultation with us to better understand the services we offer.

Financial Planning for Expatriates in Indonesia

Expats in Indonesia have a unique set of circumstances that are very different to that of a domestic worker. Pensions and Insurance usually have to be sought separately, banking overseas can provide hurdles and expat packages vary greatly providing a more bespoke service needed when accessing finances. If you currently work with an advisor back home then you please understand the difference between their job and our job. Our services compared to that of a domestic planner/advisor will vary greatly.

Our Team

We put a lot of emphasis on team here at GMS. This is no doubt the cornerstone to our success. When clients are welcomed into the GMS family and then have the diverse resources at their disposal, they receive a better service and keep up with their set aims and objectives. We boast a very diverse team with financial planners coming from backgrounds in banking and accounting, we have energetic graduates and a highly trained admin team to keep you updated with everything you need.

With any healthy business it is very important to distinguish yourselves from the competition. We do this with the mentioned emphasis on teamwork and family. After all, most people are receiving financial advice with their family in mind so it is important to continue to work towards this vision always with the aim of receiving referrals for our helpful service.

Types of Services

  • Analysis of current finances
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Choosing the right investment strategy
  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Protection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Making the most of your expatriate status
  • Many other services with regards to finance, employment and laws/tax in Indonesia

We invite you

To really understand what we do and how we do it we invite you take part in a consultation. This is free of charge and will consist on building rapport, assessing current situations and demonstrating how we aim to please. Please follow the link to book a consultation in: