Generali Vision – Premium Servicing

Generali Vision – Premium Servicing2018-03-22T14:54:37+00:00

Who is it for?

generali service

This premium service is for those who have a Generali Vision but are are receiving poor or no servicing.

What does it include?

  • Dedicated support and admin team
  • Monthly valuations
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Monthly fund performance updates
  • Setting up an online account
  • Help to increase/decrease premiums
  • Assistance in facilitating surrenders & withdrawals

Why GMS?

We’ve been helping people all over the world with their Generali Vision policies. We have very experienced investors and financial planners that can help you get back on track with the product you purchased.

How do I proceed?

Like with most things, we’ll need to speak with you first, so please arrange a call back:

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