Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is fundamentally insurance cover on a collective scale, which is normally given at a discounted rate by insurers due to the bulk sale element and the fact that they can spread the risk amongst those insured.

For many companies, group health insurance is one of the most important benefits they offer their employees due to its tax efficiency to both the employer and employee.  The employers benefit because they obtain a tax deduction for providing health insurance for their employees who in turn benefit because the compensation they receive is untaxed.

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Group Life Assurance

Group Life Assurance provides those within a preset group to life insurance on a defined benefit basis. If one or more of the members were to die unexpectedly then their beneficiaries would be entitled to a predetermined lump sum and if applicable, additional benefits may be permitted if a tailored group life assurance policy has been set up, for example:

  • Lump sum payment.
  • Benefits can include a multiple of salary, or as a flat fee.

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Group Critical illness Protection

Group Critical Illness protection is an insurance policy that enables employers to provide financial support and security to their employees who may not be able to work as a result of their critical injury or illness.

Group Critical Illness Protection provides those effected by either an injury or illness with a lump sum payment to help with any financial obligation they may have e.g. mortgage.

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Group Employee Benefits

It is well known that an employee benefits package, as part of an overall remuneration strategy can be very effective.  In the competitive work force more and more employees are sacrificing higher income paying jobs with no benefits for lower paid jobs with very comprehensive benefits that protect them and their family, during their working career.   Employee benefits are extremely valuable and can be purchased a relatively lost cost to all companies in all industries.

Group Retirement Planning

There are many benefits for the Employer that offers a Group Employee Retirement Scheme

  • Employer contributions can reduce employer income tax
  • Help increase and develop employee loyalty
  • Increase & sustain productivity of employees
  • Attract & retain quality employees

There are many benefits for Employees that join a Group Employee Retirement Scheme

  • Employee tax reductions
  • Provide continuous income at retirement date
  • Professionally managed funds
  • Investment options include Rupiah & US Dollar fixed deposits, & equity orientated funds
  • Transparent information on contributions and investment performance
  • Investment grows tax-free during the participation period

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