financial planning in indonesia for expats

What is a Financial Planner?

Think of a financial planner as a personal coach for your money. Whether you have clear objectives or are yet to determine exactly what you should be working towards, a financial planner can advise you and offer solutions to achieve your goals and objectives.

Financial Planning for Expatriates in Indonesia

Expats in Indonesia have a unique set of circumstances that are very different to that of a domestic worker. Pensions and Insurance usually have to be sought separately, banking overseas can provide hurdles and expat packages vary greatly requiring a more bespoke service when accessing finances.

When should I start using a Financial Planner?

In the context of employed expatriates in Indonesia, individuals should really take advantage of their position as an expat as soon as possible.

A financial Analysis

One’s finances are of utmost importance to that person and therefore any advice given to an individual must be specific to their circumstances. This is why GMS Global Management Services insist on every client going through a full financial review by one of our qualified financial planners. We welcome any expatriates of Indonesia to attend a review. Not only does this allow for our tailor made service but also for us to introduce our company personally and build some rapport.

Types of Services

  • Analysis of current finances
  • Budgeting and money management
  • Choosing the right investment strategy
  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Protection
  • Portfolio Management
  • Making the most of you expatriate status
  • Many other services with regards to finance, employment and laws/tax in Indonesia

The First Step

‚Äč Before any advice can be given or services demonstrated any expatriate in Indonesia should first book a consultation with a qualified financial planner from GMS. Please follow the link to book: