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savings plans in indonesia for expats

Regular Savings Plans

A regular savings plan involves a monthly subscription that enables you to invest a fixed sum of money into a particular fund on a regular basis.

Regular savings plan usually employ the concept of dollar cost averaging, which is an efficient strategy to avoid market turmoil and in fact turn in into an advantage and the number of units purchased increase when there is a downturn.

By investing regularly, more units are purchased when share prices are low and less units when share prices are high. As a result, in rising or fluctuating markets, the average cost for all units purchased, are typically lower than the average price during the same time frame.

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Independent Portfolio Management

At GMS Global Management Services we conduct an in depth analysis of each clients financial situation and then formulate recommendations based on the client’s individual requirements.

The GMS selection criterion incorporates performance and risk as well as the relevance of each fund/ risk manager to our clients’ specific objectives.
Whether you need an income-giving portfolio, or simply looking to amass wealth we can help you structure your portfolio in line with your personal preference and risk tolerance.

GMS bring values of independence and objectivity to the selection process. We provide tax efficient solutions and structure your portfolio accordingly.

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Capital Secured Investments

Capital secured investments are investment vehicles accessible via certain institutions that guarantee the investor’s initial capital from any losses.

When you invest in a capital secured investment, your initial capital is safeguarded provided that you didn’t redeem your investment before the pre-determined maturity date.

In order to facilitate the safeguarding of the initial investment capital, a large portion of the fund is invested in financial instruments that guarantee the return.

The strategy adopted by the institutions also limits the profit margins that investors can obtain if the investment should appreciate in value significantly. This is how the investment institutions can afford to guarantee the initial investment capital.

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Private Education + University Planning

Providing each of your children with a first rate education is one of the most important long-term investments you can make, but the costs of private education and University fees can be extremely expensive and varies from country to country. When trying to estimate the cost of your son/daughters education the two main things that you must take into account are the actual cost of the education (referred to as “tuition fees”), and the day-to-day cost of living.

A well-structured education plan will enable you to build up sufficient funds to meet such costs.  It’s imperative that you start planning for education fees sooner rather than later.

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Property Ownership

Home or property ownership is probably the largest financial commitment that many of us will make in our lifetime and we make the commitment because property is usually seen as a long-term investment.  Often people discover that a property loan perhaps for your home, business or commercial property can have a negative effect on your wealth, because variable or fixed bank interest rates may mean that your costs are exceeding the gains that your investment is making.  If your repayments include capital as well as the interest, your entire investment return is locked in.

Often there is a way to improve your investment potential, while spreading your risk.  By using an investment plan to back your interest-only loan you can keep your investment strategy under your control instead of your lender’s control.  This will allow you the benefits of additional opportunity for growth in an international market place as well as the freedom for your plan to move or grow with you and your aspirations.

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A lot of would-be clients may be unsure how well their current set up or advisor is performing. This is why GMS Indonesia offer a free review of prospective client’s portfolios and/or current financial services in place.

This review, which we suggest doing in person or over the telephone, provides a great opportunity for one our advisors to understand you as a person and not just a number. It is also gives a great opportunity to build some rapport.

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