5 Reasons to Add Life Insurance to your Christmas list

1. It’s Generous

Christmas is all about giving and a life insurance policy is one of the most generous gifts you can offer.

2. It’s a cornerstone of a sound financial strategy.  

Unfortunately for many families people underestimate the impact of a premature death on income and assets. Life Insurance protects against the financial loss.

3. Freedom from worry  

There is no better feeling than reassurance. Giving your family security and stability if the worst should happen is giving them the freedom they deserve.

4. It may help pay off debt  

A payout from a life insurance policy can alleviate debt such as credit cards, loans and mortgages that your loved ones would struggle to pay for years after an unexpected death.

5. It demonstrates you care about your loved ones. 

With each bill paid, debt repaid and dream not destroyed, your family will be reminded of how much you loved them to act so selflessly.

We know life insurance isn’t sexy or appealing, but it is a necessity so put it on your Christmas list somewhere between the iPhone 6 and a Boxing Day hangover.


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