Financial Planning in Jakarta

Anyone living in Jakarta will know that it’s a city with wealth and poverty shoulder to shoulder. Wherever you might be on the scale of rags to riches, a bit of financial planning cannot go amiss.

Shelter, food, education and transport all come at a price. The cash in your pocket and the figure displayed in your bank account is what you will need to exchange for life’s necessities. Money is without doubt one of the most crucial aspects of life and something so important is worth giving a lot of consideration. Everyone has different goals and having a financial plan helps you to determine these goals and to then create a balanced plan to achieving them.

Whether you have a professional helping you plan or you use your friend or parent’s advice, youtube etc to help you, having a plan in place helps you have some structure to what you are doing and certainly puts you into a routine of helping yourself get closer to your financial goals.

The brakes on a car are the difference between stopping and not stopping, killing the whole family or not killing the whole family so it’s fair to say that they are one of the most important aspects of a car. Would you trust yourself to change your own brakes or would you hire a professional who has been trained and changed thousands of brakes beforehand? The same applies to financial planning, let a qualified and experienced financial planner in Jakarta help you create a financial plan.

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