5 Tips To Get Cheap Expat Health Insurance in Indonesia

1. Get Your Company to Pay For You

The easiest and most obvious way to get cheap or free insurance is ask your company to sponsor it. Next time you’re in the situation of negotiating contracts, attempt to discuss the inclusion of health insurance as a benefit.

2. Change Coverage Area

As standard, most insurance providers that offer insurance for expats will cover ‘Worldwide excluding North America’. Many insurance providers will now offer significant discounts for those that opt to only have cover in certain parts of the world e.g. South East Asia only. If it suits your individual needs, then it can save a lot of money on your premium.

3. Get Healthier

A large percentage of GMS’ insurance clients are deemed by insurance providers as ‘overweight’ or ‘unhealthy’, which in their eyes is a higher risk of a claim. The clients then incur a loading on their premium. Of course, many health issues cannot be fixed so easy but losing some weight and having a healthier diet will aid the application for a lower premium. Endless healthy recipes on youtube!

4. Play With The Variables

Insurance providers are becoming more flexible with their plans and options. By opting to exclude certain benefits such as outpatient cover, deductibles and even reducing the total annual limit, expats can really save a lot on their premiums. Even the payment frequency has an effect e.g. paying annual premiums as opposed to monthly premiums usually saves 5%+.

5. Shop Around

The are many options for health insurance for expats in Indonesia. It’s always worth checking what’s on offer from all the providers in the market before making your decision. If there is an insurance provider that was very easy to ‘find’ it’s quite possible they spent a lot of money to become that accessible. And the larger marketing budget that allowed this, is often reflected in the premiums. Some of the big brand names that come to mind when you think of insurance are perfect examples of this.

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