How Wealthy Expat CEOs in Jakarta Save For Retirement

Wealthy Expats in Jakarta need special retirement plans to ensure that they can continue to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle during retirement. This is especially true for CEOs and other executive level officials who earn substantial amounts now. In order to preserve income throughout retirement years, there are some strategic steps that expat CEOs should take.

One of the first things that CEO expats in Jakarta should do to prepare for retirement, is to seek out the advice of a qualified financial planner in Jakarta. Such a financial planner can help you to put together a retirement plan that is comprehensive and that is designed specifically with your particular needs in mind. However, you should not enter into a relationship with a financial planner in Jakarta until you have decided for yourself what your retirement goals are.

Expat CEOs should take full advantage of retirement accounts by contributing the maximum amounts possible while they are still employed. The more that is contributed, the faster those funds will grow the more you will have accumulated for retirement. In addition, it is always a great idea to diversify your retirement portfolio by including instruments such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual retirement accounts and so on. Even if your employers offers an employee share plan, you shouldn’t invest solely in that company since doing so would expose you to greater risk of loss. Diversify your stock investments instead.

Preparing an estate plan is always a wise decision especially if you want your family and loved ones to continue to benefit from your earnings even after you pass. However, be sure to get the assistance of a lawyer who can guide you through the process. A life insurance plan should also be considered.

Wealthy CEO Expats in Jakarta should always have a retirement action plan.

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