What Insurance Should Expats in Indonesia Have?

There are many types of insurance products in this world from pet insurance to marine insurance. The type you need will always depend on your individual circumstances. At GMS, we believe there are 3 insurance products that all expats should consider regardless of their circumstances:

1. Health Insurance

One of the most frequently claimed insurance products of all in Indonesia, expat health insurance will cover expats and their families against the financial burden of medical bills. Medical bills of which can skyrocket when things get serious. There are many providers in the market offering a variety of prices and benefits, but for expats it’s best to look for a portable policy that will suit expats on the move.

2. Life Insurance

Life insurance in Indonesia is very useful for expatriate families. It’s not pleasant to believe that a loved one would ever be taken away abruptly, but it does happen. A life insurance policy can offset the enormous financial impact a death in the family can cause and provide funds for the necessities of life such as schooling and housing that would otherwise be lost.

3. Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance is an undersold product when it comes to expats. It can seem somewhat expensive when you consider that injury and illness is covered by Health Insurance. But Income protection insurance goes a step further and protects against the loss of income associated with losing jobs and contracts based on injury or illness in the form of a monthly sum until recovery.



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