What is the Best Health Insurance in Indonesia?

The health insurance industry in Indonesia can be a crazy minefield which isn’t always a pleasant journey.

There are so many providers and for each provider there are usually multiple options and extras to choose from thus the best health insurance policy in Indonesia is very hard to determine. In fact, there is no right answer at all.


Personal Circumstances & Needs

We at GMS Indonesia [and other effective and ethical financial planners] believe that ‘the best’ health insurance policy is completely dependent upon the unique circumstances and needs of each person, family or business that seeks cover.

Product A will not always suit Person A, in fact products BCDEF might not either but that magic Product G might just be perfect.


How Health Insurance Policies Differ

Much like the people choosing the policies, the policies themselves come with so much variation:

  • Prices
  • Area of the world covered
  • Outpatient cover inclusion
  • Day surgery cover inclusion
  • Annual limit
  • Evacuation cover
  • Repatriation cover
  • Limits on certain procedures
  • Cashless system
  • Room type
  • Frequency of premiums
  • Loading for pre-existing health issues
  • Loading for occupational risks
  • Regulation of the insurance company
  • Ease of claiming
  • Wellness checks inclusion
  • Exclusions

There are many more factors that could be added to this list.


How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy

To choose the best insurance in Indonesia, we would suggest you first analyse the risk. Don’t forget, insurance is all about risk.

Look at yourself, your family or your business and work out what would happen financially if there was a sudden illness, accident or even a death.

Our consultants at GMS help expats and businesses in Indonesia assess their specific risk, needs and budget to then match them up with the most suited products. All for free.

Request a quote today to begin the easy journey to getting the best health insurance in Indonesia.

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