10 Financial Resolutions You Should Make For 2018

Here at GMS, we do encourage those new year’s diets, especially if they are financial.


1. Stop Wasting Money

Have you ever regretted a purchase or a sign-up? Start making better decisions to hold on to your money better this year.


2. Save More Money

Contribute to a savings plan, pension plan or anything that helps you build your finances.


3. Pay Bills Quicker

Late payment fees are frustrating, because it is such a waste. Get bills paid ASAP this year.


4. Get On The Property Ladder

The first time can be stressful and exciting but once it’s done, property can be extremely rewarding.


5. Reduce Borrowing 

Credit cards and other lending can put a massive strain on finances and in turn

relationships. Why not make a plan to reduce your debt as much as possible this year?


6. Build Up An Emergency Fund

We always recommend having an emergency fund that is ready to be used as at a moment’s notice. 6 month’s worth of spending is what we suggest.


7. Be Better Protected 

Make sure you are protected with adequate insurance. Make a point to check the benefits you receive in exchange for the premiums you pay.


8. Increase Financial Literacy 

Knowledge is power and there’s a wealth of knowledge on the internet and in your circles. Get learning.


9. Budget Better

If you struggle to budget yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Rich or poor, people will always struggle to budget. Maybe this is the year you learn how to effectively plan your spending.


10. Make More Money

We know this is already on everyone’s list but here’s some great ways to do just that:

  • Invest your money – we can help
  • Invest in yourself by learning – MBA, online courses etc.
  • Get a new job – Have you had a search?
  • Starting a business – What can you sell? What can you do?
  • Use your free time to earn money in the gig economy ( upwork.com / fiverr.com )
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