1.   You don’t love your family

If your family are not important to you then of course it is not necessary to buy life insurance. Why bother protecting people that are unimportant?

2.   You won’t die

If you’re one of the few lucky people on earth that doesn’t die (zombies, vampires, Kirk Douglas?) then don’t bother with life insurance as you will never make a claim.

3.   Your family already have enough money

If you and your family have enough money saved for your family to thrive without you in the event of your death, then life insurance is not needed.

4.   You’re made of steel

Having your body made of strong metals will reduce the risk of accidents causing fatal injuries to the body which in turns reduces the risk of dying and the need for life insurance.

5.   You don’t want to spoil your children

Having a good education is only for spoiled brats. If you would prefer your children in appalling schools to toughen them up then don’t bother with life insurance as most grieving parents would use the majority of their life insurance pay-outs on their children’s education costs.

For those that disagree with this rationale, please get a life insurance quote here