Expat Medical Insurance Philippines

Having expat medical insurance in The Philippines is vital and should never be overlooked or underappreciated.

Expat life insurance philippines

Protect your family or business against an unexpected death. We offer the best cover for expats in Asia.

Expat Income Insurance Philippines

Insurance that protects expatriates living in the Philippines against loss of income due to accidents or illnesses

GMS Philippines’ Mission

Our mission is to ensure expatriates in the Philippines can protect themselves, their families and their businesses with quality insurance products. All of the products we represent have been carefully selected to suit the unique needs for expatriates living in the Philippines.

Insurance for Expatriates in the Philippines

Our products include a range of Health, Life, Income and many more types of insurance for expats in the Philippines. Our products are flexible, safe and we have options for all budgets.

Who are we?

Global Management Services (GMS) is a company offering financial advice, products and services specifically designed for expatriates living in Asia. We are truly independent and have no ties to any particular provider thus giving our clients freedom to acquire the best products and services in the market.

How can we work together?

To become one of our many happy clients, all you need to do is book a consultation. During our first consultation, which of course is at no charge or obligation, we will discuss your current status, your future needs and then we can begin to work on recommendations and building our relationship.

Our approach at GMS Global Management Services is based on a number of key factors; an unswerving dedication to the unbiased financial requirements of our clients, and the way in which we promote the diverse product portfolio we have under management, which is innovative, competitive and secure.

By conducting a detailed financial analysis of each prospective client prior to any product recommendation it ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the clients requirements. When you combine this with our ‘blueprint’ understanding of our product portfolio we are able to match the most appropriate financial solution for each individual case thus ensuring complete transparency in our commerce so as to demonstrate we are not miss-selling to any potential client.

Why choose us?

  • GMS have been offering advice to expats in Asia for over 20 years.

  • Dedicated and experienced investment analysis in-house to ensure the best performance.

  • Complete transparency has always been the keystone to GMS’ success.

  • Our consultants span Asia for flexible and local advice

  • GMS are truly independent offering products and services from all providers in the market.

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Property Investments

We have a number of property investments in the United Kingdom which are perfect for UK and Non-UK residents/citizens. We have residential, student units and even some more specialist property for commercial use.

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