Expat Medical Insurance Philippines

Expat Medical Insurance in The Philippines

What is Expat Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance, in short is a product that will pay for your medical bills in exchange for a monthly or annual premium. An expat medical insurance policy is the same but is specifically designed for expatriates who need portable policies and need medical evacuation. Get a quote now!

What types of Expat Medical Insurance are there?

Medical insurance can be as basic as covering only life-threatening illnesses or accidents, to as complete as even covering your dental bills and other less serious incidents that require the attention of a doctor or physician.

What is the best medical insurance for expatriates in The Philippines?

There are many providers who offer expat medical insurance in The Philippines. ‘the best’ is a relative term and really depends on the balance of benefits and premiums. Request a quote and we can show you what options are available for you.

Why do I need medical insurance in the Philippines?

Your health is your greatest asset, and as such it ought to be protected at all costs. This fact is shown in the lengths that we go to ensure that we are healthy – we change our diets, change our lifestyles and even take drastic measures to take control of our health. Health is important.

Why not go direct to insurance providers?

Whether you go direct, through an agent or a broker, the premiums should always be the same to the customer. The advantages of buying expat medical insurance through GMS is that we are independent, have access to almost the whole market and so can offer unbiased information.

How much does Expat Medical Insurance cost in The Philippines?

There is no one answer for that, why not fill in the quote form and we’ll send you some prices.

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Why choose GMS Philippines?

  • Office and advisors in the Philippines
  • Trading for over 20 years (1996)
  • Expatriate advisors
  • High retention rate of customers
  • Independent advice on all products offered
  • Same price as going direct but a better service

You deserve to have the best expat medical insurance! Request a quote today, and change your life.