1. Access

There is an abundance of products out there that will help you grow and protect your money but due to their complexity many of them can only be sold via qualified and experienced financial planners meaning that individuals would have very limited access in the market.

2. Time Leverage

Using a financial planner can be considered as leveraging time. Someone with full time responsibilities could not devote as much time and energy into researching the markets as a financial planner does every day of their life. It’s their full time job to keep up to date so that you don’t have to.

3. Expertise & Experience

A financial planner has the expertise and experience specifically to help with this one aspect of your life. Sure, there is an increasing amount of knowledge freely available on the internet, but nothing compares to years of experience dealing with people with similar needs.

4. Reduced Emotions

Sometimes it’s wise to take emotions away from decisions, especially when it involves money. Having a third party outside of the family work with your goals and objectives can give clarity away from emotional lead decisions.

5. Need Recognition

Before needs can be fulfilled, they must first be identified correctly. A financial planner has been purposely trained to identify needs within a family’s financial set-up.

6. Independence

Advisors within banks and insurance companies will have all the qualifications but they will always be tied to that company thus will never offer a true analysis of the best products available in the market. An independent financial planner by contrast is not connected with one particular source of financial products and thus can offer the best advice across the market.

7. Appraisal

Lastly, appraisal of current products is essential. There is nothing worse than thinking you are meeting your financial objectives but in fact falling short. Financial planners are proficient at analysing financial products to determine their effectiveness at meeting their client’s goals.


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